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Clinton plans to have Salander recommitted to the mental hospital where the Section had her institutionalized as a child after she nearly killed Zalachenko. Peter Teleborian, the hospital's administrator, who "treated" the young Salander by putting her in restraints for the smallest infractions.Blomkvist persuades her doctor to sneak an Internet phone into Salander's room, whereupon Salander contacts her fellow hacker, Plague, to see if he can find something on Teleborian.However, Cor experiences strong emotional will to phone call Sonja, a dangerous action that could easily reveal their location to the police tracing.He is initially reluctant and has arguments with Willem, but ultimately gives in to his feelings and calls Sonja to tell her about his whereabouts, resulting in the two being arrested by the French police while leaving their apartment.Section members Evert Gullberg and Fredrik Clinton decide to silence Zalachenko and Salander to preserve their secrets.Gullberg arrives at the hospital and kills Zalachenko, but is unable to reach Salander; he then commits suicide.Looking for easy money, they decide to kidnap Heineken owner, the tycoon Freddy Heineken in order to achieve a very high ransom.

Heineken is one of those international co-productions produced for all the right tax-credit reasons and none of the right artistic ones." Conversely, Rex Reed of The New York Observer gave the film 3 out of 4 stars, and commented: "Anthony Hopkins plays the king of the hops, and he is excellent.

They fail to negotiate with the police, and Cor feels it is his duty to take care of his pregnant wife, Sonja.

After Heineken is finally released by the police, Willem and Cor flee to Paris, where they plan to remain hidden.

Voltaire har alltid varit omdebatterad och kontroversiell.

Den praktiska kopplingen till många av hans verk på 1700-talet är inte fullt synlig för oss idag.

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