Shocking statistics about online dating Edates chat

Her name, landline and broadband account number was taken which led to her being harassed by conmen calling from the other side of the world.

The scammers used her Talk Talk account details to persuade her they were legitimate.

Last night City of London Police, who run the national Action Fraud reporting centre, warned every neighbourhood and community was being hit.

It added half of swindles and computer scams were carried out by foreign criminals, making investigations costly and labour intensive.

THE true scale of cyber-crime and fraud was revealed yesterday as almost six million offences.

The shock statistics mean at least one in ten of the population falls victim every year and the crime is double previously reported levels.

Fraud in all its forms is now the most common crime with people 20 times more likely to be conned than robbed.

As well as financial losses, fraud can leave people feeling violated and ashamed.” The most common type of fraud was bank and credit card cons, followed by online shopping scams.

They arranged to meet so he could repay her, but he didn’t arrive.

Brenda of West Sussex, said: “I am aware of how stupid I have been.

CASE STUDY: PR consultant Sally Jones was conned out of £1,000 after believing her laptop was infected with a virus.

Sally, 61, of Wellesbourne, Warwicks said: “An operator from a call centre in India said my computer would crash because a Microsoft warranty had expired. They rang back to say it had not gone through and I authorised another.

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