Help i need advice im dating married man average dating time before second marriage

Too often we don't commend men for working to keep families together, and he is doing just that.

Rather than looking at him in a harsh light, consider that he is trying his best to take care of his girls and be in their lives.

sometimes things do not work out, in which case you take the high road, try to fix the problems in your marriage, and end things maturely if neccessary. his family will never respect you and you will never respect yourself. Why would you want to be with a man that oes around his own wife and kids backs to be with anothernwoman?

Sounds like he wants to have his cake and eat it too.

but eventually i failed, he broke my heart, i know he loves me in some sense but he loves his children more.

My advice to you, guys, date the man you like but be careful and consider his kids before you fall in love, it's hard but it's better, God knows what pain i went through, we broke up and would never meet again.

We deserve better and love should never be THIS hurtful..I'm also a firm believer that good love doesn't come easy either.I have many times wondered why I even stick around and take this from a relationship I'm so unhappy with but the truth of the matter is, what's between him and me is unbelievable.Without all the frustrations and tension caused by his other world, what we have would flourish and be absolutely beautiful. Don't be that person, that women that would brake up a family. Plus if he really love you, he will leave his wife and still be a father and then come back to you.besides, how much respect do you really have for him for doing this to his family in the first place?

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