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'We're certainly going yo be very proactive and aggressive on prosecuting this case and trying to determine if there are other victims or not,' Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office Corporal Larry Mc Kinnon told Fox 13.The former teacher has been charged with unlawful sexual activity with a minor.They know very quickly I don’t take myself very seriously.“I tell them every awkward story, every time a girl dumped me.” He also shared that his fellow teachers often joke with him and say “they’re coming for” the title. “Yes, I definitely am,” said Ferroni, who joked that he has the ultimate pick-up line: “I have 150 kids, that turns them off right there!Mr Macedone - who regularly commentates on criminal law matters for the TV network - had worked on stories with Mc Cormack.He only knew him professionally, as someone who was 'fascinated by the legal system'.

Mc Cormack stood sheepishly on the side of the highway in a navy suit as officers methodically took apart his car.

” He also opened up about his recent Twitter flirtation with “I am very honored. “I did offer [to take her out], but she didn’t respond!

” Ferroni is also speaking out in support of Teacher Appreciate Week — and how teachers should be honored throughout the year.

Authorities say the student went to the home of Caroline Lawson, a 29-year-old English teacher at Lennard High School in Ruskin, on Wednesday, Fox 13 reports.

The pair allegedly had consensual, unprotected sex.

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